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Terms and Conditions

The CargonetOnline Terms and Conditions are written in Portuguese (Portugal). Any translation that contradicts itself, the version that prevails will always be the Portuguese version.

By using or accessing the CargonetOnline Services, you accept this Statement, which is periodically updated in accordance with Section 13 below.

1. CargonetOnline:

a. CargonetOnline is an online platform set up with the aim of assisting transport companies in the search for new transport to carry out. To this end, it relies on entities (validated by CargonetOnline) with transport needs that publish their loads on the platform;
b. CargonetOnline is managed by CargonetOnline Transport Solutions, Lda, headquartered at Rua das Lapas, 316, 4605-333 Vila Meã, and is registered at the Commercial Registry of Marco de Canaveses with the legal person identification number and VAT 514487950
c. CargonetOnline is a platform available in several languages in the following domains:,,,;
d. “User” or “client” means the user of services

2. Application and Interpretation: 

a. These Terms and Conditions stipulate the terms under which the CargonetOnline service is provided and the rules governing the participation of its users.
b. The use of CargonetOnline by users assumes prior reading and full acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
c. Filling in gaps and interpreting these Terms and Conditions is exclusively the responsibility of CargonetOnline, which reserves the right to modify them at any time, without prior notice to users.

3. Terms and conditions of use:

a. Registration at CargonetOnline is free and subject to the user reading and accepting the terms and conditions and acceptance of the user’s registration by the platform;
b. Each user will have only one account, and CargonetOnline will be able to delete any subsequent registration made by the same entity;
c. CargonetOnline accounts are personal and non-transferable, and the user is solely responsible for all actions carried out through that account.
d. The user is responsible for guaranteeing the confidentiality of his account, password and for guaranteeing restricted access to his computer or any other hardware capable of accessing CargonetOnline;
e. All aspects stored in your personal account will remain stored by the platform for a maximum period of 365 days;
f. CargonetOnline undertakes to ensure its best efforts in order to keep the platform permanently accessible, however, it reserves the right of temporary suspension for technical maintenance reasons, process improvements or for reasons of force majeure;
g. The publication of loads is free, however, the publication can only be carried out by companies with a moderate or lower score verified on the einforma platform;
h. When viewing the contact of the advertiser of a load, you must be responsible, have good use and confidentiality of them, and you must use these contacts only for negotiating that load

4. Limitation of Liability:

a. Since CargonetOnline is a platform that allows entities with transport needs to publish them, it does not have any access or prior control over the goods to be transported, the veracity of the same, the existence of the goods, the guarantee that the information about the transport is correctly explicit and mentioned, by the financial capacity of the entity that published the load to comply with the financial agreements, by the capacity of the transport company to guarantee the transport that it claims to carry out. As such, CargonetOnline assumes no responsibility arising from the relationship between platform users, to which it will remain completely unrelated.
b. CargonetOnline is not responsible, in any measure or aspect, for the fraudulent, offensive, dishonest or illicit behavior of platform users, whether this occurs through the platform or in any future contact between platform users. CargonetOnline reserves the right to remove any publications of loads or empty trucks that reflect inappropriate behavior, as mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph. CargonetOnline also reserves the right to exclude or condition, without any prior notice or responsibility, a user’s access to the platform, temporarily or permanently, when that user adopts inappropriate behavior, or another user proves the inappropriate behavior of a third user.
c. CargonetOnline may at any time inform the competent authorities if it becomes aware of any illicit activity carried out through the platform.
d. CargonetOnline may host links to other websites of possible interest to the user. Links are provided for your convenience. When leaving the CargonetOnline website through one of these links, the user must be aware that the content of third-party websites is completely alien to CargonetOnline, not being the property of CargonetOnline and CargonetOnline has not carried out any review or approval of the content of the website and the terms and conditions of third-party websites. CargonetOnline does not monitor, make any representations with respect to, or assume any responsibility for, any third-party websites, including, without limitation, any products or services that are advertised or made available for purchase through those websites.

5. Rights, Limitations and Obligations of the User:

a. User Rights (Professional or Transport Company):
i. Creating an account for free, whether you are a Professional or a Transport Company;
ii. Publication of Loads free of charge on the platform as long as it is not a Transport Company;
iii. Receive direct contacts from other companies or allow them to send quotes via email;
iv. Inform CargonetOnline of fraudulent activities or scams carried out by users of the platform;
v. Delete your Cargopedia account via an email sent to;
b. User Limitations:
i. It is not allowed to create multiple accounts using the same VAT;
ii. It is not allowed to create multiple accounts using the same email address;
iii. “Private” Users are limited to publications of loads, and may only have two loads published at the same time;
c. User Duties:
i. Payment of the price of the service provided by the platform;
ii. When subscribing to the annuity for access to the platform’s services for a period of 1 year from the date of issue of the CargonetOnline invoice, you must provide the data for issuing the respective invoice via email or verbally;
i. Obey and comply with the terms and conditions presented in this document;
ii. Place reliable and true information;
iii. All publications and offers you make must be true and comply with the stipulations between users;
iv. Use of appropriate language in the open fields of the platform;
v. Do not perform malicious activities (hacking/spam) on the website. Any such activity will lead to account deactivation, IP blocking on the platform and possible legal action.

6. Rights, Limitations and Obligations of CargonetOnline:

a. Rights of CargonetOnline:
i. To receive payment of the price of the service;
ii. Suspend or delete user accounts that do not respect these terms and conditions of use;
iii. Suspend accounts of companies that are in bankruptcy, insolvency, dissolution, non-payment to other platform users or suspended activity (in the latter case, access will be returned at the time the activity is redeemed);
iv. Suspend accounts of companies that refute and do not resolve incidents they have with other users of the platform;
v. Suspend accounts of companies with unresolved incidents on other similar platforms, companies with serious legal problems or that CargonetOnline believes present high risk factors that could affect the proper functioning of the website or commercial relations with other users;
saw. Verification of the accuracy of data published by users and their “score” in the bank. In this regard, CargonetOnline may delete false accounts and correct or delete other dubious, misleading, inappropriate or offensive information without any prior notice;
vii. Selecting its users – CargonetOnline may refuse or block access to the platform to companies it deems unsuitable for the purpose of the website (for example, competing companies).
viii. Take appropriate action (account suspension and legal action) towards users who engage in malicious activities (spam, hacking, data theft or other activities).
b. CargonetOnline Ethics Policy:
i. In order to guarantee a good use of the platform and increase efficiency for those who use it, CargonetOnline will always try to avoid the duplication of published advertisements (thus being able to limit the publication of loads for certain users), trying to simplify and make the task of search for loads for trucks;
c. Obligations of CargonetOnline:
i. CargonetOnline undertakes to keep the CargonetOnline platform online and functional, barring unforeseen interruptions due to failures of internet providers, equipment or other force majeure events such as insolvency or bankruptcy.
ii. CargonetOnline is also committed to respecting the rights of its users, listed in paragraph 5.a.

7. Ad Contents:

a. CargonetOnline is not committed to verifying or approving, in a binding or systematic way, publications of loads/trucks placed on the platform by users, since their publication is not conditioned by a prior review or control by CargonetOnline, being made available on the platform as soon as technically possible.
b. However, publications made on the platform must respect the following basic criteria:
i. Be included in the right cargo typology;
ii. Put in the selection fields the correct option or the one that is most suitable for the loads or trucks to be published, however if it is not the desired information, the open field observations should be used to clarify and inform all other users;
iii. The open fields of the platform must be used for their correct purpose – placing additional information to clarify the remaining users.
iv. The language used in the open fields must be adequate – any inappropriate and inappropriate language will result in the deletion of publication and suspension of the user account;

8. Minimum requirements for using the CargonetOnline platform:

a. For a correct, productive and safe use of CargonetOnline, we suggest using an up-to-date browser:
i. Computers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 9.0 or later, Microsoft Edge;
ii. Smartphones: Android Browser, Chrome, Safari, Opera Mini or other modern browsers.

9. Notifications:

a. CargonetOnline users, when registering on the platform, agree to receive information about the platform, information regarding published advertisements and information sent directly by CargonetOnline partners, directly or indirectly related to the transport activity, in their electronic mailbox, post postal mail addressed to its headquarters and via telephone or mobile phone;

10. Responsible Use Policy:

a. CargonetOnline reserves the right to limit the free publication of loads, in order to prevent abusive use or that impairs the functioning of the platform or its integrity.
b. CargonetOnline reserves the right to periodically or definitively suspend entities that use the platform in an abusive manner, for illegal acts or force majeure situations;

11. Prices and Services Offered:

a. The Services offered by CargonetOnline are structured in Annual Packs. For private/professional users, CargonetOnline provides services free of charge, for users of the Transport Companies type, CargonetOnline provides services against payment;

12. Payment Methods:

a. CargonetOnline Transport Solutions, Lda will use pay pal as payment method, payment by Multibanco Reference, Payment by Bank Transfer and Direct Debit.
b. The User must select the preferred method of payment, informing CargonetOnline.
c. CargonetOnline only accepts payment as made when it is notified by its bank of payment or with proof of payment sent by the client.

13. Responsibility of the company that publishes loads

a. The company that publishes the cargo is financially analyzed by CargonetOnline, with the publication of cargo only being allowed for companies that have a moderate or low business risk.
b. It is the responsibility of the company that publishes the cargo to guarantee the payment of the service, even if it transfers the responsibility for the payment to another company of the group to which it belongs or any other entity. As the company that publishes the cargo is the company that assumes itself as the contractor, the payment responsibility is part of it.

14. Changes to the Terms and Conditions:

a. Completing the terms and conditions due to gaps or failures concerns CargonetOnline, without any prior notice to users.
c. Users will be informed of the changes, being able to comment on the changes made before use.
c. The use of the services by the user is synonymous with the new terms and conditions.