Cargonet Online - Novidade no setor dos transporte e mercadorias


The mission of CargonetOnline Transport Solutions, Lda is to create ‘win-win’ relationships between carriers and entities that need to transport goods. Simplifying the process of contacting and contracting a transport company – ensuring the maximum rate of use of transport companies’ resources and a faster hiring process for professionals with transport needs


In five years, we will be a reference as a partner in the profitability of a transport company’s resources – helping it to stabilize, consolidate and leverage its business. We are also a solution for all professionals or individuals looking for a transporter for their loads – making the contracting process more efficient and at a reduced cost!



We feel innovation as the path to success, ensuring the constant search for new means to guarantee the satisfaction of our Stakeholders.

To the Client

Being attentive to all the difficulties and needs of our client is the only way to fulfill our mission.


Being a responsible team with our mission and vision will lead us to client satisfaction. We also want to reveal a social responsibility, guaranteeing the evolution and growth of a fairer society providing the same opportunities to all


A frank, truthful and loyal conduct is the guarantee of the best positioning before all Stakeholders.


A team that gives strength and vigor to our mission and vision, undertaking and streamlining actions focused on the satisfaction and improvement of processes for all Stakeholders.


We are constantly looking for new solutions both for the Industries/Commerce as well as for all Carriers, with a view to the economic profitability of each of the parties